Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Conversation with Ava

This particular conversation went a little something like this:

(Set the scene- Harrison had just spit up while I was holding him. Ava comes to the rescue...)

Ava: Momma, I just cleaned up all that spit up off the floor that Harrison did.

Momma: Ava, hold still while I get the camera.

Ava: Why?

Momma: Just because....

Ava: Momma, what are you taking pictures of?

Momma: (laughing uncontrollably and thinking that a freak out is coming)

Momma: I'm taking pictures of your hair....

Ava: Why?????

Ava: What is that?

Momma: Harrison spit up on your head too...

Ava: Get it off! Get it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy..... (insert lots of crying here...)

and here...................

and anger here....
Ava: Mommy, why you make me do that?
Mommy: (just more laughing....)

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