Friday, July 23, 2010

Scoville Zoo - Part 1

While up in Decatur we planned on taking Ava to the children's museum. It was just too hot to get out and go to the zoo. However, once we headed to the zoo it was only 80 degrees and a little overcast so we decided to try it out instead. It was a great "small town" zoo. There weren't a lot of animals to see or even a lot of walking, but it was nice in a small town kind of way. Ava enjoyed it and she loved seeing the animals and riding the train and carousel. So it was a hit and even though it got hotter as we were there, it was a nice little visit.

This was the first animal we saw. Look at Ava's face as she sees it...

These goats were crazy mad for food. I was almost mauled. They were kind of scary.

Bradley and Harrison were smart to stay on the outside.

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