Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Choctaws

This year Ava has been involved with the Little Choctaws cheerleading program that is sponsored by the cheerleaders/dance team at the school I teach at. She has a few friends that she already knew when we started, but has made a few more. They have been practicing since October and cheered their first game right before Christmas.

Ava started out doing well, but in true Ava fashion, she did what she wanted. After the first cheer she threw down her pompoms and didn't cheer, but she still clapped and kicked her leg up every once in a while. I figured she would do better if she didn't see me, but she spent the whole time looking for me instead. I am just crossing my fingers that next time goes better. On the plus side, she looks totally cute in her uniform and said she had a good time!

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  1. Licia4:01 PM

    Ava is TOO cute in her cheerleading outfit! :-D


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