Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Sickly New Year's

For the first time since Bradley and I have been married, we have had to cancel our annual New Year's Eve/Bradley's Birthday party. The sickness level at our house was too high for us to even think about pulling together a party. We were a mess. At one point, we were all 4 on antibiotics. All in all, since a couple of days before Christmas we have had 4 eyes infected with pink eye, 2 double ear infections, one sinus infection headed into bronchitis, one completely clogged sinus cavity, 5 trips to the doctor, 1 chest xray, 1 stomach virus, and no partridge in a pear tree. It has been a rough go round lately. I am feeling like we are all on the mend here at our house and we are hoping Nana and Pop are on the mend there at their house!

So, here is our low key New Year's Eve. We didn't even stay up as a family until midnight. We counted down with New York at 11.... :(

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