Sunday, March 06, 2011

Harrison at 15 months

(In this photo you had just chucked your toy car across the library and then yelled, "Ta da!"

At 15 months you:
  • Love to get messy. Really, really messy.

  • Can be a very picky eater. You love to eat, but you are harder to please than Ava was. You like hot dogs, chicken, celery, cheetos, grapes, bananas, and pancakes. Other things tend to come and go from your faves list. What you like one day, you don't necessarily like the next day.

  • You wear 18-24 month clothes and some 2T.

  • You love to drink "B" (a.k.a. tea).

  • You love vehicles. Every moving thing is a "tru" (a.k.a. truck).

  • You still don't watch much TV, but if anything on has music, you stop whatever you are doing and dance.

  • When you dance, you want to make sure people are watching you.

  • You love to snuggle and have a favorite blankie. You must have your Thomas the Train blankie (from Nana and Pop) that you carry with you when you wake up in the morning.

  • You like to knock on doors.

  • Anytime I ask you where any body part is, you always point to your ear.

  • You are super smiley and love to entertain. I say you will be the class clown one day. When you are doing something cute, you know it, and you watch me to see if I am watching you. If I am, you smile more and keep doing it. <3>

  • Ada (Ava) is your best friend.

  • You like to bite my feet and you think it is funny. I don't, but your laugh makes me laugh.

  • You constantly make mischief and keep everyone on their toes. I have never seen a child that could get into as much trouble as you.

  • Your nickname is Captain Destructo.

  • You absolutely REFUSE to stay in the church nursery.

  • You are my best boy!

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