Sunday, May 01, 2011

Easter Morning

I have a lot of catching up to do on the old blog. With all the rains and storms coming through (it seems like nightly), I haven't turned the computer on. So I am going to work on catching up, starting with Easter morning.

Ava had been talking about Easter morning for weeks. The day before she said, "Harrison and I will stand in the kitchen while you and Daddy see if the Easter bunny has been here." The only thing that kept her in her bed that night was the fear of the bunny not coming because she was not in bed.

From these pictures, you can see that Harrison was not very receptive to being put down without getting to snuggle and enjoy his milk like we start most mornings off with. Ava, ever the doting big sister, tried to get him to see the cool things the Easter bunny has brought him. She is certain he will love his hairy ball, but he finds it a little confusing.

Ava loved all of her things and Harrison of course loved his trucks. The Easter bunny let me know that it is hard to find candy without peanuts in it, so the littles didn't get a huge amount of sweets this year. That was fine by me because those things tend to pile up and hang around forever!

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