Sunday, August 07, 2011

First Day of School Recap

Ava's first day of school was a combo of good and bad. She had what she said was a good day, but there was one bad thing that she didn't like. It was also her first day riding a school bus which was kind of overwhelming to her.

When I went to get her at the bus stop (she gets off the bus at the high school), I was worried because she didn't get off immediately. Apparently she had sit in the back and was by the window with a middle schooler sitting beside her. The bus driver went and got her out of the seat and she finally got off. I had a second of panic when she didn't get off with the other ones, but it was fine.

It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me about school, but she was excited talking about a book they had read called The Kissing Hand and telling me what the story was about and showing me a handprint from the day.

Then she also told me about the not-so-good. A little girl had pulled her hair during carpet time and when Ava told her teacher, the teacher ignored her. This just broke Ava's heart and she translated that into her teacher not liking her. Now Ava can be very dramatic, but it goes one of two ways. Maybe her teacher didn't hear her or maybe she did ignore her because she was just tattling. My thoughts are that on the first day how hard would it have been to say, "Boys and girls remember we keep our hands and feet to yourself." Then Ava would feel that justice was served and it wouldn't have been a huge deal.

On day 2 of kindergarten Ava didn't want to get out of bed and cried that she didn't want to go to school. It wasn't fun and her teacher didn't like her. This has NEVER happened. She has always loved school and wanted to go. Poor thing. But day 2 turned out better (except I had to go and get her off the school bus) and day 3 was great. Hopefully the bad of day 1 will fade into the background and she will be a happy kindergartner once again.

The drama of Kindergarten! :)

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  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Miss Ava,
    I am so happy that by Day 3 you were really enjoying your new Kindergarten class! You will do so many new and exciting things this year. I can hardly wait to get back to Newbern and listen to all the stories you will have to tell me! Riding the bus can be kinda' scarry until you learn where you're supposed to get off. Everyone is a little confused at first, until they figure out what is going on, but it sounds as if you have that bus-riding thing all figured out by now. Remember when you were staying at Nana's house, and we used to go sit on the front porch and watch those big school buses go by? Sometimes you would wave at them, and people on the bus would wave back at you! Do you remember that? Well, now it's your turn to get to wave back if someone is waving as you go by their house!!!:) Isn't it nice that you get to ride the bus from your school to Mommy's school? I think that's great. Now you get to go to your school AND visit Mommy's school every school day! I'll bet some of the other kids on the bus wish their mothers taught school at the high school, and they could ride the bus there every day like you do! I just know you are going to have a really fun year, Ava, and you are going to learn lots and lots of new things that you can teach Harrison! When he gets a little older, you two can play school, and you can be the teacher and he'll be the student, and you can teach him what you have learned! :)
    It will soon be time for us to come to Newbern for your birthday party.....I am so anxious to see you and Harrison again, and I know we'll have lots of fun at your birthday party. I am looking forward to seeing and EATING your birthday cake,too! ha I love you and Harrison and Liam so much, and I will be happy to have all three of my grandchildren in the same place at once. Liam has been growing a LOT since you saw him, so you are going to see a much bigger baby this time! He is a happy baby, like you are Harrison were, so it's fun to play with him. I know you will enjoy playing with him for a few days, so get ready, 'cause we'll be seeing you SOON, Birthday Girl! :)
    Love, Nana


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