Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harrison's 2nd Birthday Party

On last Saturday, friends and family gathered to celebrate Harrison's 2nd birthday. We decided on a train theme after I found his adorable overalls and it just fell into place. Of course he loves trains, cars, tractors, and basically anything that moves on wheels.

Even though it was his nap time, we had a great party and I thought everything was wonderful. Harrison opened up his first present and was pretty much done with the rest. I had to make him open up the rest of his gifts. :) He got a lot of really nice things and he has been playing with them nonstop.

Thanks to all who attended or sent cards and gifts. This little boy is very loved. :)

Ava made Harrison the cute drawing in the frame. So cute.

Another wonderful cake by Stacy. Loved it!

Thanks to my mom and dad who provided the vintage trains that served as part of our decor.

*HUGE thanks to Bo for taking the majority of these pictures so that I coul relax and enjoy the party!*

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