Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hanging Out at the House

Here are a few pictures of us hanging out at the house. Ava still loves to spend lots of time crafting and Harrison loves to draw (especially on walls and furniture). :) This was our MLK day off from school last month and the kids spent some time coloring and I finally got out the camera (I take so many photos on my phone now!). Harrison was coloring in his pirate book and Ava was writing a story called The Snow Princess.

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  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Ava & Harrison,
    Thank you both for the Valentine you sent me. It really made me feel good to get mail from you two sweeties! I am a very lucky Nana! I hope Pop remembered to give you the Valentine gifts I sent you! If he didn't, just say, "Pop, where are our Valentine gifts from Nana?", and he'll give them to you.
    I'm not sure just when we will be coming home again, but I hope it is soon, because I really, really, really miss you. Liam is walking all around things as long as he can hold on to something, and sometimes he holds things in his hands, and just stands there, not holding onto anything. I'm sure he will be walking on his own very soon! It won't be long before the three of you will be able to run and play together when you are with each other! It doesn't seem as if Liam should be old enough to do what he is doing, but he will be having his first birthday before we know it!
    I love you SO MUCH, and I get so excited when I think about seeing you again, that it feels as if I have butterflies in my tummy! ha
    I'm sorry you have been sick, Ava. Pop says a lot of kids have been sick. I'm happy you are okay now, and are back in school.
    Gotta' go, as Liam will soon be waking from his nap. I love you!!!!!


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