Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dance Recital 2012

According to Ava, this is her last dance recital. She wanted to start dance at the beginning of the year, but around Christmas, she had decided that she was done. I made her finish up the rest of the year and on Tuesday nights, you would have thought I was the devil. It was an absolute fight getting her to go to dance. I have wondered if maybe it was because it was in the evening and she was just so tired that it made her moody, but whatever the reason, we all agreed that this was the last recital. In fact, every week we counted down how many classes were left. ;)
Finally the day of dress rehearsal arrived and it was in the middle of the one of the craziest, busiest weeks ever, but we made it through. It was a disaster though. I'm talking distracted dancing (if you could even call it dancing) that had some nice butt-picking and tootie-scratching that had all of the parents laughing, but me feeling like I was going to die of embarrassment.
Dance day didn't start well and I have to admit that I was in a tizzy. Ava was in a mood and it was not a day I was looking forward to. However, when it was time to go on, Ava did her dance and she had minimal itches while onstage. ;) I would love to say it was the most beautiful dance recital ever, but I was definitely stressed and let's just face it, life is not 100% rosy all of the time.
Once dance was over and Ava was able to get out of her "itchy costume" we had a very good afternoon and I was so glad to get to relax and spend time with my parents and Trayton. I was also so glad that Nana, Pop, and Aunt Bethany were able to attend. I have enjoyed our two years in dance and I hope Ava one day looks back with fond memories of her two years. :)


  1. Licia9:49 AM

    She looks beautiful!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Pop, Aunt Bethany and I thoroughly enjoyed Ava's dance recital this year! Taking Tiffany's advice, we arrived early, and got great seats in the third row, and the air conditioning kept us nice and cool! (Last year, we arrived when there was standing room only, and it was hot in the auditorium, so, even though we enjoyed watching the dancers, we were far from comfortable doing it!) Ava was entertaining, as usual, and did a good job, even though we already knew she wasn't happy about having to dance, and her pretty costume was making her itch! She looked beautiful in her pretty aqua blue costume, as is evident in all these pictures! She wants to try Girl Scouts next, and I have a feeing she will really enjoy that. The uniforms won't be scratchy, and she'll get to do lots and lots of fun things, which should be much more enjoyable for her than having to practice, practice, practice! :) As always, I look forward to all her adventures as she grows. This smart little gal makes us laugh and enjoy life right along with her! She's a sweetie, and we all love her so much!


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