Monday, May 07, 2012

School Egg Hunts

I guess since we are already almost a month past Easter, I should post some of those pictures! ;) I feel like I can not stay caught up anymore. But I am trying! :)
Ava and Harrison both had egg hunts at school/daycare. I was lucky enough to be able to be at both of them.
Ava's school egg hunt started early because of rain that was on its way, but I made it just in time. It was so funny to watch her. She was actually very selective about the eggs she picked up and instead of picking some up, she passed them for ones she wanted. She ended up with lots of girly eggs including 2 that looked like cupcakes (one pink and one purple). Those were the eggs she really wanted. I was so proud of her when a friend of hers was talking about how she wished she had a cupcake egg and Ava actually gave her one of hers. :) It made me so proud!
Harrison's egg hunt had to be inside because it was rainy. Harrison didn't care much for the eggs, he was there for the snacks. :) He did get a couple of eggs, but was more worried about his Rice Krispie treat!

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