Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fourth of July Picnic in June

This past Saturday we had our annual Fourth of July cookout. We had it on the Saturday before the 4th so that we could be together. We had a great time. My mom had come back with us after we left Indiana and got to spend a few days here with us. Since we hadn't seen my family since Christmas we had a lot of catching up to do.
 I look forward to this all summer long and it was as yummy as in the past. We were missing a few key players which was sad and we definitely missed them.

Can you tell she loves this dog?

He looks so crazed here!

And she looks crazed here!

Apparently Ava has some sort of affliction that prevents her from taking a normal group picture.

Scout fell head over heels in love with my dad. Unfortunately, my dad doesn't feel the same about him. But while he was here, Scout had a buddy for life.

We were laughing because I said his love reminded me of Dug from the movie Up. He loves unconditionally from the beginning. Here is Dug:

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