Saturday, January 04, 2014

New Year's Day/Scavenger Hunt

New Year's Day was spent at Nana and Pop's after a lazy morning at home.

After supper we played Mexican Train dominoes and after a while (a few hours), the kids got antsy. Ava had played for a long time, but since the game takes so long she had given up. I sent her on a photo scavenger hunt so you can see what she came up with below. ;) A good way to welcome 2014!
This has become Ava's go to spot for reading. Love seeing her reading challenging books.

This little guy spent some time curled up in my lap.

Rousing game of Mexican Train dominoes

The below pictures are from the scavenger hunt I sent Ava and Harrison on. They had fun and it gave us a little piece and quiet!

I told her to find an elf and take a picture. This selfie of her and the elf just makes my heart melt. Such a funny girl.

A ballet ornament???? She claims it is there.

I made her count how many ornaments were on the light. She says 67. ;)

She claims an elephant is in this picture

Not sure about this one

A blue towel

Forks forming the letter T

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