Sunday, July 22, 2007

523 pages down, 236 more to go!

So Bradley went out after midnight on Friday to get me a new copy of the Harry Potter book. I was worn out from the Ava saga of the day so he volunteered to go. When I posted Friday Ava was just a little moody from teething and fever, but as the day wore on she came down with a horrible runny nose and a cold in her eye. So we were also dealing with that on top of the teething and with the runny nose she was not sleeping good and woke up a couple of times just wanting to be held. She is much better now, still a little clingy, but no fever and one of the teeth has come through. By the way, thanks for the tip Mandy, we will try it.

Anyway, we have been super busy here at our house (and not just with Potter reading!), but with working and cleaning. As you know, we are busy preparing for Ava's first birthday. We have a list of things to get done and at the top of our list was to fix our downstairs toilet. It had developed a leak and then part of the floor had rotted. Bradley wanted to hire someone to fix it, but with money being as it is, I convinced him to let Joe and him try to tackle it and go from there. The repairing of the floor was not a big problem, but replacing the toilet was. Our original toilet had a crack so Joe and Anne had an extra one that they hauled down here. One they got it in, it had a crack too. So Joe headed off to Lowe's to buy one. Once they got it here they discovered it was the wrong size. Took it back and bought another one. Got it out to the car and broken pieces started falling out of the box. So they took it back in and got another one. So after 4 toilets, the 5th one has successfully been installed. Thank God! No more walking upstairs to use the restroom.

In the middle of the toilet debacle and blowing up our living room light, we got a phone call. The people who originally built our house in the 1920's have some grandchildren that are visiting who want to come and tour our house. Crazy, huh? Anyway they will be coming this week so we have been furiously getting ready to have strangers come into our home and take a look around! Exciting, but nerve wracking. So we are extremely busy.

By the way, I go back to work tomorrow, so pray for me. I need it!

Anyway, here are some fun photos of me with my new Harry. I am also debuting my return to my original (or pretty close) hair color. I am also posting some pics of Ava with Pop and our new toilet. Enjoy and I will be back later with some pics of mashed potato face. Just a teaser of what's to come!

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