Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I know I promised, but...

I have one final thing from the 4th of July. It is just a collage of my favorite pictures. You have already seen these in the other posts, but I love this mosaic maker and just wanted to post one of my new mosaics.

You can find the mosaic maker here : Mosaic Maker

Okay, now I promise I am done with the 4th of July and I will move on to something else later in the week (maybe tomorrow if I get time!). Thanks for reading and have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Looking at all these pictures, it's easy to see why this was, without a doubt, the best 4th. of July we have ever had! Ava makes everything so much more special, and it's wonderful to have so many things to laugh about again! Once, when we were all engaged, in one way or another, in trying to get various snapshots and videos of Ava, it hit me that we were having so much FUN, and we were giggling like silly kids! It's amazing just how much love radiates from, and all around, that sweet little bundle of joy we are so blessed to have in our lives! Ava Isabella is a treasure, and we love every single moment we get to spend in her presence...........And then we get to relive everything again, over and over, through this wonderful, time consuming blog on which you work so diligently, Tiffany. Thank you, Mommy! One of these days (or years), all this work you've done will be so enjoyed by not only Ava, but her children, as well.
    Keep it up as long as you can, Tiff, because we love it, whether or not we tell you often enough.
    One Happy Nana


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