Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ava at the Fair

We took Ava to the Dyer County Fair last night. This is not her first time there, she went last year when she was 3 weeks old. Of course she slept the whole time then, but this time she stayed awake to experience it. We really didn't do much while we were there. We browsed the business exhibits and the building full of photography and arts and crafts. After that, we headed to the petting area of the fair and Ava was very amused by the goats that were there. Bradley and I fed them while Ava watched and she had a ball. It was so funny watching her look at the goats and try to pet them. They were so friendly, especially since we had food.

After the fair, we had a family dinner at Applebee's. Let me tell you, the Garlic Shrimp Alfredo dish is so good. Ava even had a kids meal of chicken strips and fries (and a jar of peas on the side to get those veggies in). We had a great time and hopefully next year Ava will be ready to ride those rides!

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