Saturday, February 09, 2008

She hijacked my birthday cake!

That's right folks, Ava tried to steal my cake. She loves cake (wouldn't have known that from her first birthday) and can say 'cake' pretty plainly. Her little eyes lit up when we took the cake out of the box and then the fight was on. I did manage to get some of my own without the little one hogging it all (and I am not just talking about Bradley, the cake fiend) and it was tasty. Bradley chose a Care Bears theme for me this year and it was a cute cake.

Here's a birthday thank you sum up! Thanks to these folks!

  • Stacy - Love the adorable Easter sign and you have the distinction of being the first to wish me a Happy Birthday!

  • KB - One of my students actually sent me flowers and that really just brightened my otherwise story (it really was!) day.

  • Uncle Earl and Aunt Rosemary - Thank you for the card.

  • Bethany - I can't wait to get my pedicure! Just have to wait until closer to spring so I can show my toes!

  • Joe and Anne - Thanks for the money. You know I'll use it!

  • Bo and Mike - Thanks for the card. Yours will be coming when we finally get to celebrate next weekend!

  • Grant - Thanks for the e-mail. I hope you had a wonderful 2-5 birthday as well and I promise I will e-mail you back!

  • And I know that I should have some more things coming next weekend when I go home to celebrate. Don't want anything left out so I will post those next weekend!

And to my husband, thanks for the cake and I can't wait for my camera bag to get here! I love you!

Thanks to everyone, I love you all!

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  1. Licia1:15 PM

    Look at that mean mama holding Ava's hands back from her own cake. LOL


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