Monday, February 04, 2008

This is what 11:00 PM after the Superbowl looks like...

I should have warned you that it was disturbing!
Ava has been sick since Friday cutting her two top eye teeth. This set has been the most miserable yet. Not only is she running fever, coughing, and constantly snotting, but the level and amount of sleep we are getting in our house is very slim. We are just worn out and Ava is so tired to.
A highlight of our weekend was a little Superbowl get-together with Stacy, Jonathan, and JonThomas. Even though Ava didn't feel good, when JonThomas walked in, it was like someone flipped a switch. They played and played and for a few minutes, I think she forgot how sick she was. We ate a ton of excellent food, laughed at commercials, and rejoiced when the Giants won. (Not that we're Giants fans, but I think we all just hate the Patriots! Dirty cheaters!) All in all it was a pretty boring game. Ava has been on a hunger strike eating just enough to keep a bird alive, so I was pretty surprised when she threw a fit for a jalepeno pepper on my plate. After fussing for several minutes, wise old Daddy said, "Let her have it." So I did and she regretted that decision. Oh, if we could have had that face on film. That would have been a funniest home video. Not to mention the trying to get the taste off her tounge and trying to rub her tongue on everything! Priceless! I hear what you are saying, and yes, I guess we are mean, but I think she learned a lesson. Mommy knows best...LOL! Not!
So best commercial for me was the Thriller lizards for some "life drink" or something. Cute commercial. My other fave can be found on and is just an online commercial. The Patriots were set to tie a record set by the Dolphins in 1972 for a perfect, no losses season. Apparently every year, that team gets together and celebrates that still hold the record for that. Check out the commercial, it is cute. However, I wish they would post the other version, just so we could see what would have happened.
Anyway, I guess that's it for tonight. I have tons of pics to catch up on, so I am hoping to sneak in a few pictures everyday and get caught up. I am hoping to get my POTD blog caught up soon. I have been taking my pics, just have to get them posted! Hope everyone had a great weekend and Groundhog Day (and for Pete's sake, I hope it didn'tturn out like that sucky Bill Murray movie!). Anyway, love to all!
p.s. spell checker isn't working and I tend to type fast with errors, so forgive me. You know what I mean!

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