Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ava Happenings

It seems like Ava has grown up so much in the last couple of weeks. She is doing such big girl things now and just changing everyday. After the stress of last week (which she handled really well) we are getting back into our routines. Here is what she is up to:

  • She weighs almost 25 pounds and is 33 inches tall.

  • We have been practicing the potty with no recent successes. Ava does know what the potty is, where it is, and that you sit on it. She sits on the potty for M & M's. She can also tell you that, "Poop go down. Pee go down," when she is talking about flushing the toilet.

  • She is stringing words together into these cute little sentences.

  • She repeats EVERYTHING! This morning I was talking to her and she responded and I said, "Exactly!" She looked up at me and said, "Xactly."

  • She is still eating almost anything we put in front of her, but her appetite has slacked off a bit and she doesn't eat as much at one sitting. She is quick to tell you when she is done.

  • The word 'juice' is pronounced 'sluce.' She's got the word 'milk' down pat.

  • She sings constantly, but isn't dancing as much as she used to.

  • She reads books to herself and turns the pages as she goes, even calling out what some of the pictures are, like star.

  • She is scared when someone knocks on the door.

  • She is a social butterfly and loves visiting with people.

  • She loves to color and draw.

These pictures are of Ava this morning when I went into her room to get her out of bed.

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    How sweet is that??????



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