Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

As promised, here are some pics of Ava's St. Patty's Day Photo Shoot. She was pretty agreeable as long as she got to hold Memma (her babydoll Emma) and I did bribe with a few M&M's. I am playing with some of these in Photoshop and I will post those later!

Have a great Irish Day!


  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    I've been waiting for the New Photos. How cute! Love the shirt.

    Love,Aunt Bethany

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    There's that little turned up nose I've been watching for! I was pretty sure it was going to turn up, but one never can tell. As usual, these pictures are terrific, Tiffany. Ava and "Memma" make a photogenic pair. Poor "Memma" must hang on to her Mommy for dear life, though, since her Mommy doesn't seem to be particular about how she holds her baby! :)


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