Sunday, March 16, 2008

Photos of the Day 3/14 and 3/15, none for 3/16

Whew am I glad that is over! Talking about the huge consignment sale that I took things to on Friday. I posted a photo earlier of some of the stuff I had and on Friday I took it and dropped it off and hung around Union City for a few hours. The organizer told me that women started lining up early for the presale (which you qualify for if you are a consignor) so with nothing else to do, I headed over there an hour before the sale started. I figured I would just be a loser and sit in my car until some others showed up. Imagine my surprise when an hour before the sale there were already about 25 people ahead of me! By the time we had waited an hour, I swear there were 250 people in line. It was like waiting at a rock concert with a group of crazed moms! I swear, it was worse than Black Friday! Anyway, I grabbed what I needed and hurried on my way. Too much shoving and crowding for me. I did get some fantastic deals and Ava is all set with play clothes for this summer and pj's. She could still use more dresses and dressier outfits for anyone looking to buy her anything for Spring or Summer.

Ava ended up spending all day Friday with Nana who watched her while I was in a pinch. (Thanks Nana!) Saturday I just tried to recuperate from the stress of Thursday and Friday, but we had to go pick up what hadn't sold. I think I did relatively well with my items. I will find out Wednesday when I pick up my check. We ate dinner at Ryan's where Ava threw a fit for some cake. (stop laughing Mom) We finally got her out the door with a cookie in her hand and you would have thought we had starved her. She ate almost a slice of cake, but was taking forever (since she had to do it herself), so we bribed her out of there with a cookie and some tea.

Today I have not been feeling well and we have spent most of the day sleeping. Therefore there is no photo of the day for today. I am however posting Friday's and Saturday's. I will be back tomorrow with a special St. Patty's Day post! Have a great week!
POTD - 3/14

POTD - 3/15


  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Happy St Paddy's Day!
    Love the Yawn!

    Aunt Bethany

  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    That's my girl. Gotta have her cake. I hope it was chocolate! LOL!


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