Saturday, May 31, 2008

School's Out for Summer!

As Ava would say, "Woohoo!" Yesterday was my last day of school. I am so glad to be done for a little while and have some extra time on my hands. This summer will be drastically different from last summer because Ava has changed so much. I can't believe how fast a year can go by. This summer Ava will be turning 2 and I just can't believe it.

So here are some pictures of Ava and JonThomas from Memorial Day. We did our Memorial Day cookout (blasted rain!) and instead of getting to hang around outside, we were forced to stay inside because of the weather. But, Jonathan and Stacy have a cool karaoke type game called Singstar where you compete with other people or teams to sing as on key as possible. It was great fun and Ava enjoyed the microphones!

Anyway, I am hoping to have extra time to do pictures with Ava and get things posted in a more timely fashion. I am really making an effort to set aside time for scrapbooking as well. If anyone has any summertime family suggestions (things to do, make, etc...), I would love to hear them!
Making elephant sounds in this pic

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I Love the Elephant Lips and sound!

    Aunt Bethany


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