Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Big Girl Bed

The inevitable has happened and Ava's bed had to be changed to the toddler/big girl bed. She has been trying for a couple of months to get her leg thrown over the side, and on Monday she was successful. After months of practice, she finally swung those legs over and escaped. So on Monday night Nana and Pop came over and we all watched as the men changed Ava's bed and my life forever. (Yes, I am being dramatic.) But never again will I walk into Ava's room and see her sitting in her crib, talking and grinning at me through the bars. Never again will I have to lean way, way over and lay her down. Never again will I get to kiss her little lips through the bars all around her bed. And never again will my little girl be 1. This 1 year old thing is coming to a close and we are full speed in the middle of toddler hood. My little mermaid is growing at an alarming rate and sometimes in pictures, I look and think, "Who is this little girl and not baby?"

So with that said, this will be my last post of the week. We have so much birthday stuff to get to this week. I hope to return next week with party pictures. If you are coming to the party, have a safe trip and bring your appetite. Well, I guess as much as you can have for hot dogs... and Cheetos...

Acting goofy for the camera.

The morning after-

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  1. licia1:28 PM

    I found this posting very touching. :-) I'm posting a song by Alabama that my mama always played when I was little. It's called "Never Be One Again". Hope you like it. :-)

    Drift off and dream in your paper-doll world.
    Play with the presents from the boys and the girls.
    You big day is over. the cake is all gone.
    We sang you to sleep with the birthday song.

    No. you'll never be one again.
    The twos are tumbling on in.
    Daddy's little girl is growing up in the world.
    You'll never be one again.

    The toy piano is quiet in the hall as kermie the frog sits watching it all.
    And soon your legs will grow and make the tricycle go and take you away from us

    Goodnight, baby. goodnight, daddy.


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