Sunday, August 10, 2008

We survived!

Well we survived the 2nd birthday party and it went off just fantastically! Ava had a wonderful time and all her visitors seemed to have a blast. My aunt did all the pictures and it was so great to not have to worry about getting out my camera. I just enjoyed the day. So here is a little teaser of things to come!

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  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    This is a GREAT shot of Ava! She has a look of pure joy on her little face, and I can just hear her laughing one of those wonderful belly-laughs of hers!
    Whichever one of you took this picture (Aunt Bo Bo Aka "Uncle Nona" as well as "Elbow" or Uncle Mike Aka "Munkle Mike"), you did a terrific job of catching her expression at just the right moment! My hat's off to you, because she's much too fast for me to ever get a good shot of her face anymore!
    Enjoyed our day of visiting with everyone at Ava's party. Mommy did a masterful job of planning the party, Daddy grills a mean hotdog, and Stacy decorates the CUTEST cakes!!! ALL US KIDS had a really good time! :)


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