Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Little Girl!

Today is officially Ava's 2nd Birthday. At 5:36 this evening she will be 2 years old. I look at her and can't believe that it is has gone by that quickly!

I have been going through party pictures and I am so overwhelmed because there are so many good ones! Bo did an amazing job on them and there are just so many to chose from. So I am just going to start posting a little bit at a time. I want everything documented so we don't forget this wonderful party we had. To make it easier on me, instead of writing big entries describing the party, I will just add little tidbits of info above the picture.

So here is the first wave of pictures from Ava's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party!

These cans were made by Bradley and I to hold the kids' party favors.
Ava's gifts
It's never a good sign when you start off in the corner at your own party.
Note the little fingers marks. Hence the sitting in the corner. Later a spoon mark would join the finger marks.
Ava and Mommy (she is still mad about the corner)

Ava and Trayton playing as usual.
Ava and Stacy (the cake maker)
A silly little girl
Grammy with Trayton and Gabriel
The 3 Cousins

Ava with her Cousins Trayton and Gabriel

Saying "cheese" in her birthday hat. She enjoyed it much better this year than last year.
Ava and Muncle Mike.
Words cannot express how much I loved this cake! My friend Stacy designed it and did all the baking and decorating and it was fantastic! It just looked so wonderful!
Ava with her Mrs. Potato Head from JonThomas. She was done with gifts at this point and just wanted to dig into this.

Opening her Donald and Daisy stuffed animals from Mommy and Daddy. These have become a bedtime favorite already.
Ava and Jenna opening presents. Jenna was lots more excited than Ava was. Ava was done opening after the first gift and just wanted to play. However, Jenna and Trayton were all about opening presents and Jenna would yell, "Yay!" after each one.
The easel was a hit. As soon as we brought it out the kids went wild. Ava has been really enjoying this gift from us.
Riding her horse from Nona/Elbow and Muncle Mike. They got her this horse because it reminded them off John Deere which she loved riding on.
If you look really close you can see the holes that little fingers have been making. She was mad here because we had to go outside for one last gift and she couldn't have cake right then.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Tell the birthday girl a Very Happy Birthday from us here in Kentucky. Hope they weren't too wild at the party. It's hard to believe that she is that big now. Trayton and Gabe don't like much catching up to her. You three take care. Libby

  2. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Happy Birthday Ava!! It doesn't seem possible that 2 years ago I was watching you be born. You are such a big girl and we are all so proud of you. We all love you birthday girl! Grammy

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    One party down and one to go. Happy Birthday to my very much loved and special niece. Love you bunches and bunches.

    Love, Aunt Bethany

  4. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Miss Ava,
    What a big girl you are now! 2 years old! You are such a sweet thing, and Pop and I love you SO MUCH!! We are getting ready to leave for Jackson, where we will join you at Chuckie Cheese for your birthday party on your REAL birthday! I'm sure you will have a great time tonight, and I know we will all enjoy watching you play! .....See you real soon! :)
    Nana and Pop

  5. We enjoyed your birthday party & just enjoying being with ya'll. We love you so much & can't wait until the next get-together. My favorite pic I made of Ava is the "cheese" pic in her hat. It was a very unlikely pose with Ava being so elusive! Happy Birthday today Big Birthday Girl!!!

    Love, Muncle Mike & Nona ( Aunt Bo, Elbow & all the other names you make up for me)


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