Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life with a (almost) 2 Year Old

Sorry that my posting has been so erratic lately. I have been super busy with school starting last week, finishing up the wedding pictures I did, and getting ready for Ava's 2nd birthday. I have barely even picked up my camera in the last week or so. But rest assured that in the near future, a flood of pictures will be coming of the birthday girl. It is also just been so hot that we are completely zapped of energy. We actually went to Wal-Mart tonight and I don't think Ava has left the house since last week. It is just too hot to go outside for any period of time.

So, as Ava nears her 2nd birthday, I thought I would post some little tidbits about her and what she is up to.

  • Today I asked Ava what she was going to wear and she said, "Clothes."

  • Every night Ava and Bradley spend some time playing on the bed. Ava loves jumping all around and wallering (is that a real word?) in the covers.

  • Ava cannot go to sleep without a glass on water in bed with her. I don't think she ever drinks it, but she takes comfort knowing it is there, sitting in the corner of the bed.

  • Ava loves sitting on the potty for brief, brief periods of time.

  • Anne just started a new discipline regimen that involves Ava sitting in the corner. Now anytime I say anything to Ava to correct her she says, "Corner, Mommy?"

  • Ava loves saying she is scared of stuff. Dark and monsters, which she also calls dragons.

  • Loves putting on other people's clothes.

  • Is so obsessed with our cat Paisley and carting her around the house.

  • Favorite foods - green beans dipped in mashed potatoes, pizza, and Nemo/Backyardigans/Princess fruit chews.

  • In the morning when I go into her room, usually she will say one of two things: "Where's Daddy?" or "Gonna get down."

This is just a sampling of what Ava is doing. One thing is for sure though, she is growing up way too fast. I just cannot grasp that she is almost 2 years old...


  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    I just LOVE this little girl. I can't wait to see her Saturday for her 2nd B'day party. She IS growing up too fast.

    Love, Aunt Bethany


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