Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Learning Shapes

We have all been working and practicing shapes with Ava for a long time. She has just recently started to be consistent with a lot more than just square and circle. Aunt Bethany bought her a shape sorter several months ago, and lately, that little thing has been getting a workout. Ava has also discovered that Mommy and Daddy can draw shapes on paper and she loves commanding which shape to draw. It is so cute to hear her say, "How bout circle." So I draw it. Although at the moment there is no drawing going on because Ava is 'grounded' from all writing utensils/crayons due to her desperate need to draw on herself and furniture. But before she was grounded her are some pictures of her playing with Daddy and drawing shapes. So far, she knows these shapes:

  • Circle

  • Square

  • Triangle

  • Oval (sometimes called egg or bracelet)

  • Star

  • Heart

  • Agonagon (this could be a pentagon, hexagon, or octagon) Here she is drawing an "agonagon."
    Here she told Daddy to draw an "agonagon."
    As you can see, hers didn't turn out perfect the first time!

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