Thursday, September 11, 2008

Black Patch in KY

Last weekend Bradley, Ava, and I went up to KY for Princeton's Black Patch Festival. Black Patch is a festival that celebrates the harvest of tobacco. We didn't get there as early as I would have liked (because I am married to Bradley and we are never on time), so it was really toasty once we got to Princeton.

For Black Patch the Main Street is blocked off and people have booths of food, games, crafts, and other odds and ends. In the few years since I have been to Black Patch, the amount of people and booths has significantly decreased. There is nowhere near what there used to be. It is just a small example of small town America and its celebrations.

Bradley and Ava had never been so I thought it would be a fun family activity. We started off at Black Patch with Bo and Mike and went through most of the street in just a few minutes. Of course you ended up seeing people you know and haven't seen in forever, so every once in a while we would stop to chat. The best new addition to Black Patch was a little petting zoo for the kids. Ava thoroughly enjoyed that and in the course of a few minutes had kissed a pig and licked a goat. Disgusting kid! Trayton eventually made it to Black Patch and he and Ava went through the petting zoo again and played at the Rubber Duck Pond.

But after a trip up and down the street twice, we were hot and ready to go. We topped of the day with a visit with Mammaw and Nanny and dinner at my parents' house.


  1. Love me some black patch! I have so many memories of how awesome it was when we were growing up. I haven't been since high school so it was great to see you post!

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I think Ava just might be a vet doctor when she grows up.She sure seems to love animals.



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