Monday, September 08, 2008

Cholesterol Test

Ava had to go to the dr. today for a cholesterol test. At her 2 year check up she was screened for high cholesterol due to high risk factors. The screening came back a little high so after fasting since midnight, Ava went in to get blood drawn. It was not as bad as I had anticipated. I felt so sorry for the little squirt. It took me holding her, a nurse holding her arm, Nana sitting in front of her, and the blood taker lady. Of course she cried through the whole thing starting with when they put the tourniquet on her arm, but once she put her big purple bandage on, she was good. Also I am sure she was starving and thirsty, so once she got her milk she was in great shape.

As far as the cholesterol goes, her is what the doctor said: They are testing to see the ratio between the good cholesterol and the bad. They have to test every year to get baseline readings because at age 10 if it has been consistently high she will have to take medication. At this point we need to monitor her diet and watch fried foods and fatty ones. They want her eating Fat Free Cheese and Fat Free Milk. So monitor the diet is the answer. Seems like some pointless pain just to tell me to watch what she eats. But it is over now and barring any sickness, she doesn't go back until Feb.

(all photos taken by Nana)

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