Friday, September 05, 2008

Ava - 2 Recent Funny Conversations

This first conversation occurred a couple of weeks ago. Ava is becoming a little master of a particular brand of reverse psychology. During the conversation, she will trick you into suggesting something and then agree with whatever you suggested. It usually goes something like this:

Ava: Wanna go slide?

Mommy: Do you want to go slide?

Ava: Okay, let's go!


So you see, she tricks you into asking whether you want to do it! Here is a conversation from a couple of weeks ago. To set the scene, Bradley was trying to distract Ava from a small fit she was brewing.

Daddy: Ava, Mommy has a baby in her belly.

Ava: Baby in Mommy's belly.

Mommy: Ava, what do you think we should name this baby?

Ava: Tom and Jerry

Mommy: Tom and Jerry?

Ava: Okay Mommy, let's watch!

So, she either knows we are having twins or she was trying to trick me into watching Tom and Jerry...


The next conversation took place between Nana and Ava because Ava was standing on furniture and her potty.

Nana: Ava, get down off of the potty please.

Ava: (running around the couch and up to Nana) Say please princess!


Ava definitely has it in her mind that she is a princess. So here are some pics of our princess and from our Labor Day Family Reunion at Reelfoot Lake.

View of the Mississippi River

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