Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Few Misc. Photos

As I blog this I am listening to Daddy giving Ava a bath. She is laughing and I hear a lot of splashing going on. Now she is saying, "I hold it?" and I am sure she is getting ready to have her teeth brushed. Why is she not crying? For me, she is always crying when I brush her teeth. She actually just said, "Ahhh." I guess dad has the special touch.

Ava is changing everyday, and she just walked by me and said, "I so cute." She loves to look at herself in the mirror and say that over and over.
She has been saying tons of cute things and I will try to get those posted soon. She is quite the little funny girl. She loves playing with her stuffed animals and Barbie's and she very rarely will go upstairs or downstairs without at least one animal. Lately she has been lining/piling them all up and playing with them for the longest time.

She likes to think that she is really helping with the puzzles.

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