Friday, October 10, 2008

Horseback Riding

This was Ava's 2nd time horseback riding and it was a lot more adventurous than the first time. In Brown County there was only one stable that would let a child under 8 ride on a trail. Since we definitely wanted to do a trail ride, Mike made reservations for us to ride at Schooner Valley Stables.

It was a much wider ride than the trail last time. We went on an hour tour of the woods around the stables and into Yellowwood State Park. It was a very hilly ride and I would say it was more like riding up a mountain and coming back down. Ava definitely did not like going down and got a little panicky. I also got panicky when our horse, Big Red, decided to venture out on his own and then my bridle came lose and I had no control over him. Ava also did not like galloping on the horse. This particular stable is the only one in IN that you can actually run on the horse. Ava liked it for the first couple of feet and then she was over it. However, it was a great ride, the trees were just starting to turn and it was beautiful. Here are the rest of the Brown County pictures taken by Mike and Bo.

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