Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trick or Treating

Friday night marked Ava's 3rd Halloween, but the first one that she had actually went trick-or-treating (at least somewhere other than Nana and Pop's). She dressed up as Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This year trick-or-treaters did not start as early as they normally do, but this year they started closer to dusk. We left right as it was getting dark. Ava was so beautiful in her costume and loved saying, "Trick or Treat!" (In fact she kept saying it yesterday while we were in the car headed to Wal-Mart.) There weren't a lot of houses on our street handing out candy, maybe because of the ball game, I'm not sure. The ones that did have candy just fawned all over Ava. Here are a couple of Ava quotes:
  • "I want to see inside your house. Can I come in?"

  • At the house of someone we go to church with as we were inside having her picture taken: She said - a) I want to see inside your kitchen. and b) Can I see your cat?
  • Lots of trick or treats and thank you's

  • "Hey girls, what's up?

A little bit of embarrassment, but cuteness none the less.

Bradley stayed home to pass out candy and at the end of the night we had had about 118 little ghouls come through. Ava visited with Jenna when they came over and then we ended the night with a visit to Nana and Pop's.


  1. She looks like a real princess! Love the costume!

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    The most beautiful little princess in the whold world!! Grammy


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