Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Been a while since I did one of these posts so I will use it to catch up on what has been happening.

1. Ava has become enamored with 101 Dalmatians. We watch Dalmatians over and over again. She cracked me up last week when Cruella De Ville came on screen and she jumped in my lap and said, "Mommy, It's Della De Build!" This picture is from last week when we were watching Dalmatians and Ava ate a whole container of baby Cheetos.

2. I stayed super busy over the holidays with my pictures. If you haven't been to my photography blog in a while, head over and see what I've been doing.

3. I am in utter awe of the inauguration and how much tradition surrounds it. I have actually watched quite a bit of the festivities. While I did not vote for Obama, I am hopeful that some changes will be made and our country will move forward. So in honor of Obama's inauguration, here is Ava starring in a mock-up of his famous poster. You can do your own at .

4. On another political note, I am jazzed about Hilary Clinton's new position.

5. Ava has been talking more and more lately. Her sentences are becoming more complex and conversational. In fact, she is a little chatterbox and sometimes can be overly talkative!

6. A couple of weeks ago we began to have a horrible time in the evenings with Ava. Her fits were going well beyond the scope of the normal "terrible 2's" and were just awful. They started in the evenings around dinnertime and usually started with, "Mommy, I'm sleepy." Since Ava has never had a real nap time we decided to enact one. We started here at home and Anne has been making her nap at her house and I tell you the difference is so noticeable! She is no angel by any means, but with naps, she is 1000 times more tolerable at night! Here is Ava a couple of weeks ago at 6:00 at night before nap times. She passed out and slept all night! And the 2nd picture is of her on the day of the first nap. This was taken right after she woke up.

7. Ava loves books! I hope she continues to love them as she grows. She wants to read any chance she can get. She even gets a book and reads to herself. She sleeps with books at night.

8. The other day Ava put on her crown and was playing. I asked her if she was being Princess Ava, and she said, "I'm Queen Ava."

9. The weather here has been super cold and every time I bundle up Ava, I am convinced she will look at me and say, "I can't put my arms down!" (From A Christmas Story)

10. Next Tuesday I have a doctor's appt. to have a suspicious mole looked at and possibly removed. Please keep me in your prayers.

Have a great week!
P.S. I am getting very close to our 500th post here! Be on the lookout for something special really soon!

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