Sunday, January 25, 2009

Post 499 - Trayton and Gabriel's Birthday

Yesterday we went to KY for the afternoon to celebrate Trayton's 2nd and Gabriel's 1st Birthdays. Ava was jazzed about going a little day trip, but she was a little confused because she thought we were going to Chuck E. Cheese's. In fact, all night Friday and all day Saturday she would say, "Where'm I going? Chuck E. Cheese's?" And I would say, "No, baby, we are going to Kentucky." Sometimes she would then say, "I'm going to Kentucky Cheese's!" Such a disappointment for her...

Anyway, on the way to Ky we were almost little ice cubes because we have no heat in our Jeep (or I guess we should say very limited heat) and we refuse to get it fixed since we are hoping to get a new vehicle this year. So our trip was short because we wanted to travel during the day so the sun would give us some warmth. Once we arrived we all got a new pair of tennis shoes in preparation of our vacation in a couple of months, grabbed a bite to eat, and visited with Mammaw.

Then it was party time! Of course as soon as we arrived Ava made a beeline for the birthday cake. She has radar that senses where cake is and that was her main concern. That and she wanted some presents. Right before present opening time, Bo pulled me aside and said she thought there would be a fight over her gift. She and Mike had gotten Trayton a Handy Manny toolbox and she knows how much Ava likes Handy Manny. I knew she was right and a storm would be coming! Ava wanted to help open presents and Trayton didn't want help so right of the bat we had a little bit of tempers flaring. However, it was nothing compared to the fit over the Handy Manny toolbox. Ava was so excited to see it and while I don't think Trayton really knew who the character was, Ava did. "It's Handy Manny!" she yelled and she wanted to play. Trayton didn't want to share and Ava took that very personally. There was a lot of screaming and crying, and grabbing and snatching. But no loss of limbs or injuries.

After the party we made a quick stop at my Mom's to see my Nanny and then we headed home to warmth. Here are some of the pictures I took and I will give a little narrative caption for them so you get the full effect.

Also, in the next couple of days the 500th post will be up and I am very excited about it!

Ava - "I want some cake!"

"Please hurry so I can have some cake..."

The only reason Trayton put this crown on is because we told him he couldn't have cake until he did.

Ava - "This is it time for cake?"

This marks the moment right after the "Handy Manny Hijinks" started.

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