Thursday, February 05, 2009

Is it ever a good sign when your birthday starts like this?

So today was my 29th birthday and it started like this. At 7 this morning Joe shows up at my house to ask if I know I have flats on my car.(I had run over 2 box staples.) Of course not, so after some scrambling it was off to work where I had to work tonight for Parent/Teacher Conference where I met with a grand total of 3 parents. So Here's to hoping the rest of 29 is better than today!

Thanks to all who sent cards, e-mails, or called today! And thanks to Joe and Anne for the cards and for coming over to enjoy cake. I will have more pictures of that in the next post!


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Hey! Don't make it sound as if all we gave you for your birthday was a card! I believe there was some money involved, too! :)

  2. Licia5:17 PM

    hope you had a great bday yesterday!


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