Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday - Busy week edition

  1. In 4 days we will be leaving on vacation, and I am starting to feel a cold coming on. Yuck!

  2. Last night Dancing with the Stars started and the dancing at our house just continued. I didn't start watching until late last night because of listening to the ballgame, but for the bit Ava watched, she did a little dancing.

  3. With the nice warm weather we have had this week, Ava and I have spent a lot of time outdoors in the afternoons. I can't believe that flowers are blooming. Come on green grass and leaves! (And by the way, I think that shirt says it all!)

  4. As I type this Ava is ransacking her room and rummaging through all her possessions. She just brought a snot sucker in and said, "Mommy, something is wrong with your nose. You got boogers." And then she suctioned me!

  5. I guess we better be careful because we have a mini couch potato on our hands. If she had a hand down her pants she would look like a mini-Al Bundy!

  6. The other night I got a phone call from Anne wanting to know if I had been teaching Ava to write an 'A'. I said no we were just working on singing Abc's. She said someone had drawn A's all over Ava's blackboard. So I called Ava over and asked her to draw an 'A' and her you go. She also drew a heart and the number 1.

  7. Last night Ava was busy playing drums while watching DWTS and she laid her drumsticks down and said, "Look Mommy. An x!" The drumsticks were forming an 'x'.

  8. All winter long I have thoroughly enjoyed Sundays. After church we have usually settled in with a Disney movie and it has just been enjoyable family time. I love the closeness of it.

  9. Peter Pan has been the recent to-do at our house. I think we have watched it 3 times already this week.

  10. Ava has been playing around on the floor by the couch and pretending it's water (ocean). She will say things like, "Oh No! It's a shark!" and "Look at those sea turtles!"

and just because I have an extra. Here is a picture I took of our fence that was blown down during the windstorm last month! How I miss that privacy! (And I know our neighbor does too because she won't come out and smoke if we are outside!)

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  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Have a SAFE and FUNFILLED trip at Disney World. Remember there is no crying at "The Happiest Place on Earth"! Ava, don't forget to Hug Mickey for me!

    Tiffany - can't wait to see the thousands of pictures and hours of video! :-)

    Love, Aunt Bethany


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