Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Road to Disney

We have arrived in Orlando after a bumpy start and a long drive. We had originally planned to leave at 5 am, but as Bradley was packing the car on Friday night he noticed that a tire was getting flat. He rushed it to Wal-Mart but they were unable to fix it, so we were delayed leaving until about 9:30. It rained almost the entire way through TN and GA. The weather was so awful and Ava was pretty testy. Since we still don't have heat in the car, the cold weather was awful! At about 9:00 we made it to the town we were staying in. We stayed in Lake Park, GA which is 5 miles from the Florida State Line. Our hotel was nice and the breakfast was great. We made friends with a little bat hanging on the ceiling.

This morning we left after breakfast and passed into FL. We stopped at a rest area for the requisite state pictures. Ava enjoyed the palm trees. She called it a jungle and had a blast playing around them. They were her jungle trees.
Here Ava is right before we left the house.

Bradley packing the car in GA.

Ava watching Daddy.

The bat friend


Ava and her jungle trees.

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