Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3 - EPCOT - France, Great Britain, Morocco, Canada

Day 3 - EPCOT - The rest of the World Showcase

After Italy we stopped in America for a drink and got to see the Drum and Fife band do a march and some patriotic songs. It was very neat and inspiring to see. I loved the colonial vibe.

Then in Morocco we saw Jasmine and Aladdin who Ava enjoyed making funny faces with. By this point we had to change shirts due to a spill (that will come into the story later). We toured Aladdin’s Morocco and then stopped for a bathroom break.

While Ava and I were hanging out waiting for Bradley to get back a girl approached me and said, “Ma’am your husband is waiting for you over there.” Bradley had spotted Belle and the Beast and was in line. We hurried over and when Ava finally got to meet them Belle recognized her from the breakfast and said, “We met before, but are you dressed differently?” I explained about the spill, but I was just thrilled that they actually recognized her. Ava loved seeing the Beast and was not scared at all.

After leaving Belle and the Beast we had arrived in France. Bradley got in line for some ice cream and Ava and I looked around France and sat down to wait. The spot we chose happened to be the spot that Belle and the Beast were leaving from and I went to move my stroller out of the way when Belle said, “Look, Beast, it’s our friend Ava.” They both waved at her and smiled and it was so wonderful seeing the interaction with her.

Next stop was Great Britain and we just missed seeing Alice in Wonderland, but a cast member gave is a tip that Pooh and friends were in a toy store towards the back of the country. We got there and made it in time for Ava to see Eeyore, Tiger, and Pooh and Ava was so happy. She loved them and hugged and hugged them. (Which she does to characters in full costume, just not princesses!).
Canada was our last stop and Ava was staring to get a little fussy so we headed up towards the front of the park to find some things that she would enjoy.

Doesn't Ava look enthused while listening to the band?

Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine

Making funny faces

In Morocco

Belle and the Beast

With Pooh and Friends in Great Britain

Great Britain

A fit brewing up in Canada


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Looks like you all are having loads of fun!!! The pictures look great also. Wish you the best of luck on the return home.
    ~~~Libby and Trayton~~~

  2. Anonymous12:55 AM

    H-e-l-l-o Rogers Family!
    I SEE the fit that was brewing up in Canada! That girl apparently doesn't think Canada has much to offer a three-year-old cutie pie! :)
    I know you were sorry to leave the Magic Kingdom for the last time. I have always been a little sad when it comes time to leave, and I was sad to read that this was your last day at such a very special place in the world!!
    Once again, you got some very good pictures, even though Miss Ava wasn't in all of them! ha
    We went to Jackson today, and did some shopping. We ate dinner at The Olive Garden (YUM), and then went to Wal-Mart and bought a few things before heading home. We had talked about going to a movie, but decided to just come on home, since it was getting late, and we were tired. It was around 10:30 or so when we got home.
    When we walked into the restaurant tonight, Janice walked up to us! She and Nell, ( her sister), along with Nell's husband, their son, and his girlfriend had been to the hospital to see Nell's father-in-law. Janice said she first saw Joe, and thought she was seeing things, but then she saw me, and realized we really were there! ha
    Pop and I are thoroughly enjoying your blog. He just looks at the pictures, but I also read everything you write.
    Have fun again tomorrow, whatever you are doing!
    Hi, Ava! Nana and Pop love you, and we are missing our favorite little girl! :)
    Love you all,
    Nana & Pop


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