Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 3 - EPCOT - Norway/Princess Breakfast

*These posts contain several pictures of the scenery in the World Showcase and not just Ava. Sorry Folks! LOL*
Disney – Day 3 – Epcot

We were running late to Epcot for our reservations for the princess breakfast located in Norway. But we made it there and were still able to eat. While waiting in line we also got to meet Mary Poppins. The restaurant was in a hurry so the princesses rushed over and I missed almost all of them because I was fixing my plate. Now let me just say that for some reason when Ava meets a person in just a costume with a regular face, she gets all crazy acting. This involves getting fairly shy, chewing on her fingers, or my personal fave which consists of her walking up to the character and lying down. So Snow White actually told Ava it was not nice to chew on her fingers! HA!HA! So take that into consideration when you see these pictures.

Since we were already in Norway we decided to ride the Maelstrom which is a little boat ride about Vikings and trolls with a little drop. Ava didn’t like it, didn’t cry, but said, “That ride was scary.” When asked if she wanted to do it again, “Nope!”

A troll in your house is considered lucky. (Mom, Not if it is the kind that we used to watch in that movie Troll.)

A Troll Topiary

Ava and Mary Poppins

Ava and Princess Belle

Ava and Jasmine

Ava and Mulan
Ava and Snow White
Ava and Sleeping Beauty

A Scary Viking Ship

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  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    Hi, again!
    Oh, goody....more picutres!Either Ava doesn't like what she is seeing lately, or she's just plain tired! (Could be some of both!) It is obvious that she enjoys the animated characters MUCH more than the "real" ones with "people" faces........Can't say that I blame her.....The animated ones are much cuter! :)
    Tiffany, you are really getting some great pictures! I'm already looking forward to seeing all of them when you get home.
    Hi, Ava! Have lots of fun again tomorrow! We love you all!
    Nana & Pop


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