Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 4 - Disney Hollywood Studios - Part 1

Day 5 – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This has typically been my favorite park because it seems to be less crowded and have more characters you can meet. When we arrived we started heading to the Pixar area because we wanted to get a Fast Pass to the new Toy Story ride. On our way there we ran into Handy Manny and 2 of the Little Einsteins so we stopped to meet them. Of course Ava loves her “Heinsteins.”

Unfortunately when we got back to the Toy Story ride there was an 80 minute wait and all of the Fast Passes were gone for the day! We were really hoping to ride it, but not after waiting in a line like that! So we opted instead to meet Buzz (again) and Woody. Ava had been asking to meet Woody so we were happy she was able to.

We walked around the park and had our pictures taken with Cars and watched Muppet Vision 3D which Ava did not really enjoy. Then we went on what I had been waiting for, The Great Movie Ride. That ride takes you through various movie scenes including Wizard of Oz. There are some very scary parts in it, but Ava did fine. I did cover her eyes through a few things in the Alien scene, but other than that, she was fine. She absolutely loved the Wizard of Oz stuff, but was a little concerned when the witch appeared. When we were done she declared the ride as “scary.”

We got a fantastic seat to watch the parade which is actually a block party with the characters from different Pixar films. While I enjoyed it, I definitely miss the parades of just floats or cars like they previously had. But Ava enjoyed it and one of the cast members got her out of the stroller to dance which she enjoyed. He even gave her a little ball at the end of the dance party. Her favorite moment of the parade though was seeing Boo from Monsters Inc. She went crazy for that. Ava with Handy Manny (one of her favorite cartoons)

Little Einsteins

Ava dancing at the Block Party Bash

Ava's fave - Boo


  1. How much fun! I am so glad that your family is getting to enjoy the Disney experience!

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Thanks for posting your pictures and Ava's first Disney experiences! This is such a special family time - you will always cherish it! Thanks for letting me come along for the ride virtually! - Lisa

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Hi, Ya'll!
    Got Ava's postcard yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed it! :)
    Bradley.........I actually LIKE your mustache! Don't know yet how I feel about the goatee, or whatever that is growing on your chin! ha I have tried for many, many years( beginning with the Bi-Centennial celebration in 1976) to get Joe to grow some facial hair, just so I can see how he looks, but he won't do it at all! Guess looking at Bradley is as close as I'll ever come to seeing a bearded Joe! Please don't shave it off before I can get a good up-close look at you!
    I love the first picture of Ava with Handy Manny, and also the closeup pic of Ava in her stroller with that wonderful big smile on her precious face! She just looks SO HAPPY, and that makes me feel
    SO GOOD! :) The picture where she and Peter Pan are hugging, and he has his eyes closed is just a terrific picture. He actually makes it look as if he is in hog-heaven hugging our sweet Ava! Gotta' love that Peter Pan for being so good that he has such adoring fans! :) That picture is just so very sweet!
    I'm glad she liked the sand on the beach. She is probably just a little
    too young to enjoy the ocean itself, so I guess you'll just have to take another trip to one of the oceans when she gets older! (Mama said I screamed and cried when I was ocean-side when I was real little. From the way I got the story, the rest of the family was going into the water, and, not only did I not want to get in there with them, but apparently, I was scared that they wouldn't be okay, because they were out in some big waves that were rushing over them. I can see where that would scare a young child.)
    Today is Tuesday, so I know you will be getting home in another day or two........Can't tell you how anxious I am to see all of you. For some reason, I have really missed you three Disney-lovers! :)
    Please be careful, and have a safe trip home.
    We love you SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!
    Nana & Pop

  4. Anonymous4:27 PM

    I forgot to mention some other pictures I really liked.......such as the very first one, where Ava is lying on the floor with her feet up, beside her Disney critters. I also loved the two pictures of Ava at the Block Party Bash....It is obvious that she is in her element, and loving all the music, etc.!
    Ava, I am so glad you got to see Boo! Isn't she a cute little girl?
    You'll have to tell me all about seeing everyone when you get back to Nana's house. Now when we watch the Disney movies, you will have new things to remember about the characters, and I am anxious to hear every single word you have to tell me!
    See you in a few days!

  5. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Typical Nana comments... one or two lines is never enough! - Lisa M
    (OK - smile Ms. Anne)


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