Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 on Tuesday...Summer Edition

Playing with Little People

We are out of school for summer (thank the Lord!) and I have 2 days of inservice this week and one next week and then I should be good until July 23rd. Man is that going to be here before I know it. So here are some summer tidbits that I want to remember and some plans that I have before school starts back.

  1. If you read my twittering at the top of the page, then you know that we are working on potty training with Ava. While she likes the idea of big girl panties, she really doesn't want to slow down long enough to use the potty. So far we have had 7 successes in the potty (she gets a sticker and a lollipop or Popsicle for each one). To encourage the idea of no more diapers, a Diaper Fairy came to our house and took Ava's diapers and left a few big girl things to help encourage the potty. I am determined to potty train this summer! I guess I want it too bad though!

  2. Yesterday as I was sitting on the couch, Ava was standing with one foot on the floor and one foot in the dog bed and I swear it sounded like a woman's water breaking. Nope, it was just my kid peeing in the dog bed!

  3. Ultrasound on the 29th to see the baby and hopefully determine if it is a boy or a girl!

  4. Last night Ava and I convinced Bradley to take us to Sonic for ice cream (I think they should give frequent members cards!) and then we ran through the sprinklers. Ava loves the sprinklers, but when we were finished she just kept saying, "I'm did Momma, I'm did!"

  5. We are starting to work on Ava's big girl room. I have purchased her bedding which should be here this week. Soon we will begin painting and organizing her new big girl room.

  6. At the end of this month we are heading up to Indiana on our annual trip to visit Bo and Mike and Nanny. We have some different photo ops planned for this little trip.

  7. Last week we bought Ava a new plastic pool for this summer. Last year's had developed some holes and was just in bad shape. I had asked her what color she wanted and originally she said purple, but eventually started saying yellow. When we brought home her yellow pool she gasped and said, "That's just the one I was wanting!" Now if it would get warm enough where we could actually fill it and she could enjoy it a little.

  8. Our garden out back is planted and growing, but last week I noticed a little surprise by the front porch. We have a pumpkin plant growing where last year's pumpkin had rotted beside the porch. I guess laziness paid off when we never threw that thing away!

  9. I have planned a few different photo shoots for Ava for this summer. I have a lot of ideas, but we will see of she cooperates.

    These are what I typically get from her.

10. Anyway want to volunteer to paint my stairwell? It has been a year and I have concluded that my husband is never going to finish that project and I am nowhere near tall enough...

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  1. She is sooo cute! I love the bedding. Good luck with potty training! And I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl. My guess is boy, in case you wondered!


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