Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Funny Conversation

Scene: Driving in the car after leaving the Dollar Tree where Ava wanted to buy 3 or 4 gross looking baby dolls. (Now the Dollar Tree has great stuff, but their baby dolls, not so much!) I told her maybe she would get a new baby for her birthday and then we left. Fast forward to in the car driving.

Ava: I want to buy some babies...

Bradley: Okay Madonna.

Me: laughing

Bradley: or Angelina

So while this little conversation played through my head and I was laughing, I saw this running through my mind. It is a scene from Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update making fun of Angelina and Madonna. You will prob have to view the commercial since this comes from NBC, but they have TONS of SNL cips including some older ones. Browsing fun!

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  1. Brad's comment made me laugh too!


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