Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She's a helper...

She's a helper (when she wants to be) and has really wanted to help Daddy as he finished painting the stairwell. I am so glad that after a year it is finally done! Ava enjoyed sitting on the steps watching Daddy paint and he even did a little bit of painting with her. We have been busy getting ready for Ava's birthday and trying to complete some unfinished projects around the house. Ava's bedroom is completely painted and so is out stairwell/hallway. I haven't posted pics of Ava's bedroom because it is not finished, but I promise as soon as it's done, I will post some. We haven't even started on Baby Boy's room. He needs a little paint touch up and some reorganization. Lots to do in a little bit of time. Anyone who wants to come help is more than welcome! ;)

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