Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ava at the Park

On one of our cooler recent days, Ava and I made a little trip to the park. Ava has always enjoyed going, but lately she has become skittish about the slide and would rather climb back down the ladders than go down it. I did get her to pose for a few pictures, but she was way too busy. While we were there she made a friend, but in true Ava fashion, she wanted to be the leader. This little girl was clearly a couple of years older and tried to get Ava to play along, but Ava did her own thing and led the playing. I did laugh when the other little girl asked Ava two things and here were her responses:

q: Where is your daddy at?

Ava: He's at home in bed with a hurt leg. (what??????)

q: Where is your older brother?

Ava: In my mommy's belly.

Funny girl!

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  1. licia7:01 PM

    with her hair down and so long like that she looks so much older!


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