Thursday, September 10, 2009

County Fair - 2009

We made it to the county fair last night, so I am officially done with the fair for the next year. I love going, but it is so much walking, and it was so crowded last night that it wore me out! Last year we never made it to the fair because each night we talked about going, it ended up raining. This year, Ava and I went with Stacy and JonThomas and Ava had a blast. I knew she would love going with JonThomas so that they could ride rides and of course, just because she loves him. She was thrilled when they arrived to ride with us. We decided to go on one of the "cheap" nights, and that was a big mistake, because I think about everyone else had the same idea. As the night when on, the crowd got bigger and bigger. I was so thankful to have Stacy and JT with us because they took Ava on rides and helped handle her while I tried to get some good pictures.

Ava started off on the carousel (which seemed to go mighty fast to me), and then she had glimpsed the fun house and had to go in. I was very skeptical about that because to get out of the fun house, you had to go down a tall slide. I knew that was probably not going to happen. Sure enough, I was right. JT had to go back in and lead her back out because she was not doing that slide. Lately she has developed a fear of them that she never had in the past. She also rode a little car ride that she enjoyed.

Of course we ate some fair food, stopped by the petting zoo, and then played some games on the Midway. Ava won a teddy bear while playing the rat game (where you place a bet on what color of hole a rat will run in- a real high class game ;)) and she had a cow to play the fishing game.

When we got home and got to bed, she passed out pretty quickly and tonight she has been retelling tales of the fair. Her least favorite ride: the Ferris wheel which she never even attempted, but thinks it looks scary! Thanks to Stacy and JT for hanging with the little one and helping this giant momma maneuver through the midway!

In the fun house

She asked this scarecrow if he had a brain!

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