Monday, November 02, 2009

10 on Tuesday - Halloween Edition

Saturday was a pretty enjoyable Halloween. Aside from the fact that my husband waited until the last minute to buy our pumpkin and candy, it was a relatively smooth day. I will also never understand why on days that are "busy" here at the house, my husband always insists on going to the barber shop for a haircut. Anyway, on to the good stuff:

  1. Ava and I started our day with a viewing of "Hocus Pocus." It has been a long time favorite of mine, and Ava actually likes it. She is not scared by the witches. She tried to convince me to try "The Nightmare Before Christmas" again, but since it didn't last 5 minutes the first time, I doubted she had gotten used to the idea in a week's time.
  2. While waiting for Daddy to get back home we watched little Halloween cartoons and specials and cleaned up around the house.
  3. When Daddy finally got home (with our little pumpkin), we headed outside to do a few family pictures. Why is it that what I envision for my family, never turns out?
  4. Daddy and Ava carved a plain, ole Jack O'Lantern and once again, Ava refused to touch the guts of it.
  5. JT and Stacy dropped by to bring Ava a little gift. While they were here, we had a visit from "The Great Pumpkin" who Ava wrote a letter to last week.
  6. JT helped Ava decorate her pumpkin from The Great Pumpkin and then they had fun playing together.
  7. Got Ava dressed up as Dorothy and let her pass out candy for a few minutes before leaving to go Trick-or-Treating.
  8. She loved going to the different houses, but there were two house she refused to go to. The first one had a scary sounds tape playing and some tombstones and witches, and the second had a guy in a Scream mask opening the door. She refused both of those houses.
  9. At about 9:00 and after 150-something trick-or-treaters we loaded up and went to Nana and Pop's house. Nana and Pop had special treats for Ava and Aunt Bethany had sent some gifts.
  10. After a nice little case of Ava Dramatics, we headed home and stuck her little tail in bed.

Eating her giant candy bar from JT.

Ava and JT

One of my new favorites. Love the colors, love them playing, just love it!

Waiting for Trick-or-Treaters

Ole Jack

Checking out her goodies with Nana.

With the monkey puppet from Aunt Bethany.

Loving the curled ponytails.

Putting on a monkey tail

Pop is the one who wanted to make silly faces...


  1. Love the pictures of Ava! She looks so cute as Dorothy.

  2. That baby looks like she had a good time!


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