Sunday, December 06, 2009

Harrison - Day 3 (Thanksgiving Day)

Thanksgiving Day was the day that we were supposed to get to go home. However, Harrison had a different plan and his jaundice level had shot up high enough that the doctor wanted him to stay another day and receive photo light therapy. I was crushed because I was so ready to go home and I really wanted to get home on Thanksgiving. I decided to stay on as a patient and be with Harrison instead of being discharged to come and go as I wanted. The doctor said that after 24 hours in the light box we should see the level start dropping and Harrison would then be discharged.

In tears I called my mom to tell her we wouldn't be coming home, and they immediately loaded Ava up to come see us. My in-laws decided to wait an additional day for the Thanksgiving meal and also came up to the hospital. We had to spend the day just hanging around my room because Harrison was confined to the nursery in his light box with the exception of feeding times.

It was so heartbreaking to see him in that box. I teared up the first time I saw him. I just kept reminding myself that he was so much better off than babies who were in boxes like that for serious medical reasons and who were on various types of machines.

On that particular Thanksgiving I was so thankful to have our healthy baby who I knew would make it through jaundice and for the wonderful nurses who took such good care of him and provided us with words of encouragement and advice. Even though we spent our first Thanksgiving in the hospital, we were showered with blessings.

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