Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Explosion

As I traditionally do, before putting the kids' Christmas things away, I had to get all their stuff together for a picture. I will say that there are things that didn't make it into the picture. For example, after taking this picture I realized that we had not included things that they got in KY. Also, we still had 2 Christmases to go after these were taken. Having said that, I couldn't wait any longer to get their things put away, so I went ahead and did their pictures.
Thanks to all for making our holiday season merry and bright!
Here they are with Christmas 2009 - Ava's 4th Christmas and Harrison's 1st Christmas:

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  1. Harrison looks like a doll in the bouncy seat in these pictures. What a great idea to capture all the gifts received. Maybe next year I will try that one! It all looks so nice and neat.


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