Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Make Cupcakes a Photo Tutorial - "Rogers Style"

Step 1 - Send your husband to the store because all you have in your house is Halloween cupcake mix and frosting. (Must find a use for that soon, because I bet it expires soon!)

Step 2 - Line your pans with your cupcake wrappers while your Daddy tries to make it a carnival game and fling the wrappers in the pan while calling which hole it will land in. He didn't emerge very victorious. (Note that before this process started Ava selected a nice headband so her hair wouldn't get in the cupcakes.)

Step 3 - Make lots of silly faces and mug for the camera while Mommy insists you hurry up while Harrison is content and not crying. Continue with shenanigans and disregard Mommy.

Step 4 - Mix it all together (with Mommy forgetting to add the water) and then pour into your cups.

Step 5 - Fight off Ava while trying to pour batter into cups while she is trying to eat said batter. Put in the oven and bake.
Step 6 - Abandon baby to his napper to go to the kitchen to help Daddy, who can't wait to frost, but claims he doesn't know how because he has never done it.

Step 7 - Add sprinkles. For Ava this means putting the sprinkle shaker directly into the frosting, not realizing that all you are accomplishing is messing up the sprinkle shaker.

Step 8 - Listen to Daddy (who is sprinkling) complain about all the sprinkles and that they are nasty.

Step 9 - Eat your treat while listening to Daddy moan about his tummy ache that he got from 1 super rich cupcake. In your head you know he is a wuss who just can't handle his chocolate and consume 2 (at least).

Step 10 - Run around looking like a horrible dirty kid until someone takes pity on you and gives you a spit bath.

And that is how you make cupcakes, Rogers' style!


  1. Rogers cupcakes look yummy!

  2. Licia1:34 PM

    too cute tiffany! i loved reading it and looking at the pics.


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